Product line Pluma - CC5

Water treatment CC5

Simple and intuitive programming menu
Self-cleaning monopolar cell 35% more efficient than bipolar units
Production adjustable from 0 to 100%
Electronic electrolysis with time counter
Electronic flow detector and automatic cover
Temperature sensor with automatic winter function
Compact, lightweight and easy to install

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Technical specifications
Power supply 220/240Vac 50/60Hz
Cell autonettoyante avec revêtement MMO monopolaire
Cell life * 10 000 h
Salt concentration 3 à 5 Kg/m3
Water flow 5 m3/h à 30 m3/h
Reverse polarity réglable de 3 à 6 h
Water pressure testée à 5 bars
Ambient temperature testée à 50°C
Water temperature range de 12°C à 40°C
Cell connection 63mm (adaptateur 50mm inclus)
Guarantee 5 ans électronique / 4 ans ou 10 000 h cellule

* Variable life depending on the salt level, the polarity reversal cycle being performed and the hydraulic and chemical balance.

  • Support collars
  • Buffer solutions included
  • Suction tube with pH level probe (optional)

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